Treveri’s Island

Treveri’s Island – Information & Rules Page

Server Status:  Maintained and Operating

If you are having problems getting into the server, I may be updating it, or Studio Wildcard has released an update I have not installed yet.  Be patient.  Wildcard has a habit of releasing crap on a Saturday night while I’m at dinner. Just check back later.   If you are in game and there’s a serious problem, talk to one of the Wild Ones … they have my cell number to leave me a message.

It has been asked who I have my server hosted by.  I use Serverblend. If you’re looking to host your own server, I can’t recommend them enough!

Our Rules:

The server is here to have fun.  Everyone is welcome (we can handle up to 35 players
online).  We help each other, and work together.  But like any place else there needs to be rules:

  1. Don’t cheat!  I will kick you, ban you, and file a report with Steam and Battle Eye using your Steam ID number (so changing your name won’t matter).   I have zero tolerance for cheaters and I will go out of my way to assure you don’t go cheat on someone else’s server.
  2. Don’t be an ass, and remember this is a family environment.  I don’t want to hear cursing.  I don’t want to read it in chat.  I don’t know that someone’s 7 year old isn’t sitting in his/her lap watching the game play.  In fact, I know one of the Wild Ones often has his 4 year old sitting in his lap watching him play.  I wont’ tolerate ‘nigga’, ‘nigger’, or ‘niggas’ … I don’t care how black you are. And, I don’t care if what you say was meant for tribe chat and accidently with global … that word has no place here and I will boot you for it.   I don’t want to hear ‘bitch’ or ‘bitches’ either … its just not necessary.  I don’t want to see political talk in chat.  I don’t care what your opinion of Donald Trump is and neither does anyone else.  Keep it in Discord.  Are you getting the drift of this rule and the environment of the server?
  3. No building on spawning nodes.  What this means is, no building on the mountains where metal, crystal and obsidian spawn.  When you build on those places, it kills the spawn for those resources.  If you build in one of these places I will take down whatever you built.  Do it enough times, and you won’t be playing on this server.Don’t build on Predator Point, and don’t build on Carno Island.  Don’t even think about building on the side of the Volcano.  If you don’t know where those places are, ask in game, we’ll be happy to explain.
  4. Don’t build on dossier chests (the chests you find that are dossier achievements).  If you build by one, make sure the other players have safe access to it.  If you find or know of one that is blocked by someone’s building, let me know, I will make sure you get access to it.
  5. This is a PvE server.  There are very few ways another player can hurt you.  But there are still a couple.  The primary way a player can grief you is to drop a wild dino in your stable.  Any player that does this, will be banned, but since some players are determined to greif before they leave a server, it is bound to happen at some point.  THE RULE IS; you are responsible for protecting your dinos.   I will ban the player that griefs but I will not replace your dinos.  Build a cover over your dinos so nothing can be dropped on them … or, make sure what you have in your stable can deal with anything any player can drop in it.
  6. PLEASE clean up after yourself.  If you are no longer using a structure, go back and tear it down.   When you are done with a campfire, pick it up.  If you aren’t using that standing torch any longer, pick it up!  If I see crap you’re leaving around the island, I will destroy it myself.  But I am not your mother, I will only clean up so much before I ask you to leave my house … for good.  When you leave a campfire, or a torch or structure some place, no one can build within 30 foundations of it so you are blocking build access for the others that come behind you.
  7. No pillar claiming!  None!  This is a PvE server … there is absolutely no need for pillar claiming and I will destroy any pillars you put out there (or anything you substitute for a pillar).  This is a personal pet peave of mine from the official servers.  Don’t test me on it.

Mods used on this server.

Here is the bottom line on mods … they increase load time of the game, and they change how the game is played. The following mods are the one we wanted on the server. I have no interest in a stacks mod, or a weight mod, or, or, or … If someone else wants those mods on their server, good! Go play on that server.

Structures Plus There
are a lot of useful ‘things’ in structures plus.  Also known as
S+, there are some things in structures that are questionably over
powered.  But, I leave that to you to decide what you want to use
and do not.  I am not going to limit something you don’t like when
someone else might want to use it.   The most valuable aspect
of S+ in my view, is the ability to pick up items you’ve made and
About Structures Plus.
eco’s RP Decor This mod allows you to make you
places a little more decorative and inviting.  There is an
insanely op’d structure in this mod that allows you to put water in
your buildings with no piping whatsoever.  If you are in a place
that has limit or no access to water, checkd out the sink.About eco’s RP Decor.
Tavan’s Trough Tavan’s trough is a refrigerated
trough.  Wildcard has established insane decay timers on food, and
the limited size of stacks just complicates things even further.
Having a refrigerated trough means you can stock your trough and go
away from the game a couple of days and not worry about your dino’s
dying when they come out of stasis because it calculates you ran out of
food.  Why Tavan’s trough?  Because we tried the others out
there and Tavan’s was the only trough that worked that did not have
adverse effects on gameplay.Just know that Tavan’s trough is an abandoned mod that has not been
updated in a long time.  It still works, but with every update we
all hold our breath and expect Wildcard to change something that breaks
it.About Tavan’s Trough.