The Beauchamp Photos #1

This was sent to me by Don Dunagan before he passed.  It is the wedding photo of May Melinda McElroy and Haws Young Beauchamp.  It was taken in 1895.  I don’t have a copy of the marriage certificate, but we know they had a wedding photo made in Temple, Texas (see below) and May is wearing this same dress.  At the time of their wedding May was 17 and Haws was 25.  This is not a photo I have, it is a desk-jet print out.  I would desperately love to get my hands on the a good scan of the original or the original itself.  I do not know who handled Don’s assets after he passed and I hope we didn’t lose this.  Clearly the photo was colorized, or may even be a painting over the photo …  I can’t quite tell.

I do not know specifically when this photo was taken.  Ethel appears to be 10 to 12 years old, and Julian appears to be 8 to 10 years old, so I am placing the photo somewhere around 1925-1927.  The photo was taken in “Panhandle, Texas”.  This would have been with Haws was working at the boiler company (see below).

This is Haws on the job site at Sims Boiler and Welding company in Pan Handle, Texas, circa 1925.  There is a whole photo I am cleaning up to post later.  It’s huge!

The back reads, as you can see, “Annie Lois Rogers and Julian Douglas Beauchamp when babies in Crosbyton Texas where we all lived at that time 1918”.  I don’t know who Annie Lois Rogers is.  The handwriting I’ve come to recognize an May’s.  How great is it to have this picture of Julian at less than a year old?  Again, it would need some clean up, but I did a deep scan 600 here and it came out crisp and clean.

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