The Beauchamp Family Photos

Here I share photos from my mother’s side … the Beauchamps.  The bulk of the photos I share on these pages are from my Great-Grandmother’s photo album, May Melinda Beauchamp … wife of Haws Young Beauchamp.  I present them for my extended family.  As I look around the internet I actually see photos of the Beachamps, the McElroys, the Johnsons, Dunagans, Ables … and they aren’t even attributed to the right person, or the persons in the photos are not those people.

As I stated, I have these photos in hand, and I scanned them.  Of course for space and speed I have uploaded lower resolution images here.  I can, if you are family, provide you with a high resolution scan (up to 48 bit color, 12,800 dpi).  I would be happy to do that … that’s what posting these are about in the first place, to make them available to my extended family.

These images are raw scans.  I have not cleaned them up.  That can be done and I will do it with some over time.   I will colorize some as well (I do that for fun).  Colorizing only effects the digital image, not the original photo.

As I post these photos, I make comments about them as I know the information, or I believe to know the information.   In some cases, I share was was written on the backs of the photo by May, Ethel and my mother Jackie.  If you have additional information, or I have the wrong information, please tell me.  In fact if you are family, contact me, I would love to get in touch!

Its going to take some time to get these up, I have a bunch … and I mean a bunch!  I started on November 5th or 2018 … but I will do it eventually and when I am done I’ll say so here.  Not all will be individual photos, some will be in sheets (4 to 6) for speed and space, but again, I can provide individual, high detail scans.